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Pocket Beacon by AA7WD

Those of you with a Palm Pilot may want to download the PocketBeacon program written by Chris Terwilliger, AA7WD, at Chris can be contacted by e-mail at

PocketBeacon displays a real-time list of the previous, current and next beacon scheduled to transmit on the selected band and updates this list every ten seconds as the transmitting station changes. Information displayed for each station includes the callsign, short path distance in kilometers, and short path beam heading.

Bob Wilson, N6TV, uses PocketBeacon on his Palm Pilot and reports that it is great. Chris said that after acquiring his Palm Pilot, he started looking for applications to explore its capabilities and this seemed like a perfect match.

Because of math library limitations, PocketBeacon only runs on version 2.0 ROMs. In addition, you must have Mathis installed on your Palm Pilot. MathLib is included in the Palm Pilot distribution in case you do not already have it.

(Review by N6EK)

Pocket Beacon Screen Shot