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Knut Najmann, DJ1ZN, has designed a program called BEACLOCK which runs under DOS and has a rather neat design. It shows a clock face with the eighteen beacons spread around the face. The clock has five hands, one for each of the five bands. The hands rotate around the clock once every three minutes so that the hand for each band indicates the beacon that is transmitting on that band.

I am not sure why, but when I started this program from Windows 95, it started up full screen even though the properties menu said it would start in a window. I hit the ALT-ENTER key and the program did properly obey and reduce itself to a window.

You can download this program at Knut's web site, Before you download the software, check out Knut's web-based animation of what the program looks like when it is running. You can contact Knut at

(Review by N6EK)

Beaclock Screen Shot