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DX Monitor by VE3SUN

DX Monitor was written by Peter Jennings, who goes by three callsigns, VE3SUN, C31LJ and AB6WM. DX Monitor is a Windows program which monitors DX announcements from the DX Summit web site using the internet.

The future of DXing is receiving DX spots over the internet as more and more DXers have internet connectivity in their shacks. My shack has had a TCI@Home cable connection for several months and having a hardwired internet connection is great! DX Monitor works fine over a dial-up connection as well, but you only get DX spots while you are dialed in. If you are receiving your DX spots over the internet or even thinking about doing so, you will you will surely want to investigate the DX Monitor program.

DX Monitor automatically retrieves DX spots, announcements, and WWV numbers; filters spots by frequency; sort spots in various useful ways; lets you send DX announcements; identifies spots posted by stations near you; sounds alarms for stations you need; automatically plots spots on a map that also shows the gray line terminator; gives you beam headings and distance to the spotted station, and much much more.

DX Monitor also knows about the NCDXF beacons. You can configure DX Monitor to display the currently transmitting beacon on a selected band using the same map that is used to display DX spots. The screen shot below is chosen to illustrate the beacon spotting feature and does not do justice to the range of features in DX Monitor; for downloading DX Monitor or for finding out more about its other features, visit the web site at You can contact Peter by e-mail at

(Review by N6EK)

DXMonitor Screen Shot