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BeaconMap by PA1ARE

The Beaconmap program is simplicity itself to install (just open the ZIP file containing the .EXE program file and a map image file, save them to a directory of your choice and double-click the .EXE).
Screenshot (reduced here to 256 colours to cut the file size):

Beaconmap screenshot

Once running, the program displays the world map with an overlay showing the area in sunlight and the grey-zone, and of course a flashing yellow spot for the currently-scheduled beacon on whichever band you choose on the band-buttons.  The beacon's call and location are shown in text at the bottom of the screen, along with the current UTC (automatically calculated from your PC's clock, adjusted for the Windows daylight saving setting), behind which a blue-bar progressively counts down the beacon timeslot.
I first downloaded TimeRC.exe to set my PC to one of the time standards on the Internet, then ran BeaconMap.  Both programs worked properly, first time.
Bottom line: it's simple, elegant, useful and highly recommended.
Gary G4iFB