Grant Application

To apply for a Grant, you must fill out both
Part 1 (the Budget Worksheet) and Part 2 (the Application Form)

Part 1. DXpedition Budget Worksheet


All fields should be filled in with US dollar amounts.

You can download the Budget Worksheet Here ==>

When completed:

1. Save the spreadsheet to your computer.
2. Create a new email message addressed to:
3. Send your email with the spreadsheet attached.

Part 2. The Application Form


Please note that the boxes labeled Required Input must be filled in,
or the grant application can not be processed.

The NCDXF encourages applicants to be
active financial contributors to the Foundation.

DXpedition Callsign (if known):
Proposed Destination(s): * Required Input
Date(s) of Operation & Duration (How Many Days?):
(If not known, please fill in your best estimate)
* Required Input
Applicant's Callsign: * Required Input
Name: * Required Input
Date of Application: Please try to submit your application at least 60 days prior to your DXpedition start date.
Mailing Address:
Email address: * Required Input
Web Site URL:
Skype® Name (optional):
If your DXpedition has a web site and the resources to do so, please provide a link back to this web site on your site.
What grant amount, in U.S. Dollars, are you requesting from the NCDXF?
Is landing permission(s) needed? Yes   No
If “yes”, has landing permission(s) been granted? Yes   No
Has operating permission(s) been granted? Yes   No
Applicant needs to confirm that supporting documentation exists and will be made available to NCDXF if requested.
Modes of Operation: CW   SSB   DIGITAL   Other
Bands of Operation:

160   80   60   40   30   20

17   15    12   10    6    Other

QSL Manager Name:
QSL Manager Callsign:
QSL Manager Mailing Address:
What is the minimum amount (in US $) that you will you charge for an OQRS direct QSL card confirmation -- and exactly what will that fee cover?
Ranking on a most needed list. Include information regarding source of the list, date of publication, and any relevant statistics.
Please list team members, including name, callsign, previous DXpedition and/or contesting experience and any other information you think would be helpful to the NCDXF in assessing the likelihood of success of the operation.
Please list team members who are regular contributors to NCDXF.
Rigs and antennas to be used:
If your grant application is approved, NCDXF will normally provide an NCDXF Banner and NCDXF T-shirts for the DXpedition Operators. Please confirm whether you want these items. If yes, please include T-shirt quantities and sizes (choices are Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large, and XXX-Large). Please let us know exactly where to send the Banner and/or T-shirts: Name, Full Address, email address, etc.
Please explain any special circumstances we should understand to properly evaluate your application:
If grant is awarded, do you give NCDXF permission to annouce this publicly? Yes   No
A "No" selection means that NCDXF will keep details of your operation in confidence. HOWEVER, NCDXF will announce the awarding of your grant (if awarded) when any of the following occur: 1) you or your team announce the operation to the media; 2) you or your team specifically authorize the announcement; or 3) the first QSO is made while the operation is under way.

In applying for a grant from the NCDXF, you agree to abide by the following Terms and Conditions:

1. The NCDXF logo (available here on the NCDXF website) will be prominently displayed on the QSL cards.

2. Applicant needs to confirm that supporting documentation exists (licenses, landing permission, etc.) and that it will be made available to NCDXF if requested.

3. The DXpedition will provide an article for the NCDXF newsletter and at least three sample QSL cards within 90 days of concluding the DXpedition.  If feasible, the DXpedition will also provide three copies of a video in DVD format of the operation to the NCDXF for use in its lending library.

4. The DXpedition is required to upload all QSOs to the ARRL Logbook of the World (LOTW) no later than 12 months after the date of contact.

5. NCDXF shall have no responsibility for and no liability arising from any activity that results from the funding of this application. You agree to indemnify and hold harmless the NCDXF for any claims arising from such activity.

On pressing the 'Submit Application' button below, you are indicating that you have read and accept the guidelines above.


You should receive an email acknowledgement of your application on submission.

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