NCDXF Video Library
The Northern California DX Foundation has a number of VHS/DVD videos and Microsoft® PowerPoint presentations on CD-ROM available for loan to organizations wishing to show them at their meetings.

There is no charge for using programs in the Foundation library, but clubs borrowing materials are responsible for postage in both directions.

You can reimburse the Foundation for postage when you return the video.  If I receive your request no later than two (2) weeks prior to meeting, I will send First Class.

The post office will have new rates scheduled for end of May. Also take this into account if you are sending money up front.  I prefer that requests to borrow videos from the NCDXF Library be sent via email. (See address below.)

If you do pay in advance, one DVD will be $3.00, VHS tape $4.00, Priority Mail starts at $ 6.00 depending on weight & destination.

Please note:  We do not go to the post office every day to pick-up or post mail, so please factor this into your lead time for receiving the video.  Also, these rates are subject to adjustment. Check back to this web page for updates.

Please give the name of the club or group, your meeting date, and an alternative selection in case your first request is not available.  Please return all material promptly so that it will be available for others. Mail your request to:

NCDXF Video Library
Ross Forbes, K6GFJ
539 South Park Drive
San Jose, CA 95129


Updated as of: 19-October-2022

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