NCDXF Logo and Membership Supplies

All members are encouraged to display the NCDXF logo on their QSL cards and other correspondence. NCDXF logo lapel pins, stick-on labels and rubber stamps are available for a nominal charge.

  star Camera-ready logo artwork (see links below to download) No charge
  star NCDXF Lapel Pin $15 each
  star Roll of NCDXF Labels $15 each

Order Supplies using our Secure Web Server

Nearly all modern internet browsers have "secure session" capability (such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, Mozilla Firefox). This is indicated by a padlock or similiar annotation that denotes that a secure encrypted dialogue can now occur with the current page shown. This capability, combined with our SSL (secure sockets layer) encryption, provide secure means of accepting your personal information.

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Order Supplies using Other Methods

If your Internet browser does not support secure sessions, or you would prefer to use the mail, please send a letter including the following information:

  star Name
  star Callsign
  star Mailing address, including ZIP or post code
  star List of your supplies
  star Check or money order for your contribution, or we can accept contributions using Visa or MasterCard (please provide account number and expiration date)

Please mail to:

P.O. Box 2012
Cupertino, CA 95015-2012

NCDXF Logo Information

NCDXF members may use the NCDXF logo in their QSL card designs. Here are some logo files available for download:

  star NCDXF logo in PNG format (large)
  star NCDXF logo in JPG format
  star NCDXF logo in GIF format
  star NCDXF logo in Adobe PDF format
  star NCDXF logo 1" in PCX format
  star NCDXF logo 2" in PCX format
  star NCDXF logo 3" in PCX format
  star NCDXF logo 4" in PCX format
  star NCDXF logo 6" in PCX format

NOTE: for Contributor Logos, go to this page: Contributor Logos.

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