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NCDXF announces major grant to HK0NA Malpelo DXpedition

January 1, 2012

The Northern California DX Foundation is pleased to announce a contribution of $15,000 to the HK0NA Malpelo DXpedition which will take place from January 21 to February 5-6, 2012. Malpelo is #12 on the DX Magazine's Most Wanted List for 2011.

Team co-leader Bob Allphin, K4UEE, states that, "Malpelo is probably the most physically challenging DXpedition I have ever participated in.  An advance team of four (HK1MW, HK1N, HK1T & HK6F) left Christmas day with nearly 4 tons of gear to transport to the island.  They will establish two camps, one at the 300 foot level and another at near the top at the 800 foot level and set up antennas and stations which should be ready when the main team arrives January 21. Without major financial support from NCDXF, DXpeditions like this to challenging or rare locations would not be possible."

No one has ever operated from the top of the island before, hence the western North America and Asia/Oceana have a much higher need for Malpelo. See

For the past 40 years the NCDXF has funded major DXpeditions to many Most Wanted Entities. The credit for these large grants goes to the NCDXF contributors who make DX like this possible. Have you contributed yet?

73 es Happy New Year!

Glenn Johnson, W0GJ
NCDXF Vice President

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