Recent Press Releases

hollowstar 04-April-2023 NCDXF Announces Major Grant Award To TX5S Clipperton Island DXpedition
hollowstar 17-January-2023 3YØJ Bouvet DXpedition Update
hollowstar 12-April-2022 The DXcellence Award - First Recipient
hollowstar 11-April-2022 NCDXC Election Of Officers
hollowstar 21-February-2022 Steve Lund, K6UM, SK
hollowstar 30-Aug-2021 NCDXF Announces Major Grant Award To 3YØJ Bouvet Island DXpedition
hollowstar 28-July-2020 NCDXF Announces Grant Award To JXØX Jan Mayan DXpedition
hollowstar 25-October-2019 NCDXF Announces Major Grant To Club Log
hollowstar 25-April-2019 NCDXF Announces Major Grant To VP8 South Orkney Island DXpedition
hollowstar 08-June-2018 Northern California DX Foundation Secretary, G. Kip Edwards, W6SZN
hollowstar 24-May-2018 NCDXF Elects Two New Directors: K6GFJ, AA7JV
hollowstar 27-April-2018 New NCDXF Vice President - AA7A
hollowstar 02-December-2017 NCDXF Surpasses $200,000 In Grants For 2017
hollowstar 16-October-2017 NCDXF Announces major support for the KH1 Baker Island DXpedition
hollowstar 03-October-2017 NCDXF Announces Grant To ARRL's Ham Aid Fund
hollowstar 05-August-2017 NCDXF Announces Major Grant To 3YØZ Bouvet Island DXpedition
hollowstar 27-April-2017 NCDXF Elects John Miller, K6MM, As New President
hollowstar 31-May-2016 W6AM Don Wallace Museum Foundation donates to Northern California DX Foundation
hollowstar 03-March-2016 NCDXF announces new Falkland Island School Grant
hollowstar 05-January-2016 NCDXF announces new Board Member: Kevin Rowett, K6TD
hollowstar 12-June 2015 NCDXF Announces Major Grant To FT4/J Juan de Nova Island DXpedition.
hollowstar 21-April 2015 NCDXF Announces Major Grant To KH5 Palmyra Atoll DXpedition.
hollowstar 02-April 2015 NCDXF Announces Major Grant To VKØEK Heard Island DXpedition.
hollowstar 22-November-2014 NCDXF Announces Major Grant To K1N Navassa Island DXpedition.
hollowstar 30-June-2014 NCDXF announces new Board Member: Craig Thompson, K9CT
hollowstar 07-April-2014 NCDXF Receives $12,000 Donation From the Southern California DX Club.
hollowstar 07-April-2014 NCDXF Announces New Contest University Scholarship Fund.
hollowstar 07-April-2014 NCDXF Elects Tom Berson, ND2T, As New President.
hollowstar 19-January-2014 NCDXF Announces Major Grant To FT5/T Tromelin Island DXpedition.
hollowstar 20-July-2013 NCDXF Announces The Establishment of the W7OO Contribution Challenge
hollowstar 20-July-2013 NCDXF Receives $8,000 Donation From NCDXC
hollowstar 22-April-2013 NCDXF Announces New DX University and Contest University Scholarships.
hollowstar 21-April-2013 NCDXF Annual Board Meeting
hollowstar 04-April-2013 NCDXF Announces Major Grant to FT/Z Amsterdam Island DXpedition.
hollowstar 09-Jan-2013 NCDXF Announces Grant To TX5K Clipperton DXpedition
hollowstar 04-August-2012 NCDXF Election of Officers -- Two Newly Elected Directors
hollowstar 28-July-2012 NCDXF Receives $4,000 Donation From NCDXC
hollowstar 23-Feb-2012 Ned Stearns, AA7A, joins NCDXF Board
hollowstar 16-Jan-2012 NCDXF Announces Grant To VP6T Pitcairn DXpedition
hollowstar 01-Jan-2012 NCDXF Announces Major Grant To HK0NA Malpelo DXpedition
hollowstar 25-Dec-2011 NCDXF's Christmas Gift To the Radio Amateur Society of Thailand (RAST)
hollowstar 12-Dec-2011 Don Greenbaum, N1DG, joins NCDXF Board
hollowstar 07-Nov-2011 Charles "Rusty" Epps, W6OAT, Rejoins NCDXF
hollowstar 01-Feb-2011 NCDXF Scholarships – Deadline February 1, 2011
hollowstar 10Dec-2010 NCDXF Announces Major Contribution From Estate Of John Beck, W4AI
hollowstar 24-Jun-2010 NCDXF Has A New Website
hollowstar 27-Apr-2010 NCDXF Announces Major Funding for VP8ORK
hollowstar 20-Apr-2010 NCDXF Election of Officers -- John Miller, K6MM & Kip Edwards, W6SZN Elected Directors
hollowstar 05-Nov-2009 NCDXF Election of Officers, Address Change
hollowstar 28-Oct-2009 K4M DXpedition to forward calls of NCDXF Contributors within last 18 months to LoTW
hollowstar 20-Apr-2009 NCDXF Election

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