Press Release

NCDXF Receives $8,000 Donation From NCDXC

July 20, 2013

At their July 20, 2013 picnic, the Northern California DX Club presented a check for $8,000 to the Northern California DX Foundation. NCDXF President Rusty Epps (W6OAT) stated, "This donation, the largest ever received from a Club, will help to provide critical funding to DXpedtions high on the Most Wanted List. Often without support such DXpedtions would not be possible. We are very grateful for this donation and value our partnership with NCDXC."

Credit for the success of NCDXF is made possible by our contributors, individuals and clubs, who help make DX happen.

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Glenn Johnson, WØGJ
Vice President, NCDXF

Left to Right: Paul Ewing (N6PSE), Bob Lanning (W6OPO), Russ Bentson (K6KLY), Ross Forbes (K6GFJ - NCDXC President), Rusty Epps (W6OAT - NCDXF President), John Miller (K6MM), Steve Merchant (K6AW), Ken Anderson (K6TA), Tom Berson (ND2T), and Jim Sansoterra (K8JRK)

Left to Right: Russ Bentson, K6KLY (NCDXC Past-President), Ross Forbes, K6GFJ (NCDXC Current President), Rusty Epps, W6OAT (NCDXF President)
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