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Press Release

October 25, 2019

NCDXF Announces Major Grant Award to Club Log

The Northern California DX Foundation (NCDXF) has awarded a grant of $4,000 to Club Log to support their capital needs for important IT system upgrades to move their system into the future. Michael, G7VJR, recently reached out to NCDXF with an inquiry for interest in support that triggered an immediate and overwhelming response from every NCDXF Director. Two of the directors engaged in the ongoing VP6R DXpedition stepped away from the pileups a few minutes and echoed in the response:

"Club Log is a MAJOR part of what makes a good DXpedition (both during and after the event)”
"Michael and his group do a wonderful service to the DX Community worldwide”
"Club Log is a real asset to every DXer and DXpeditioner”
"I use it regularly for OQRS and other DX chasing capabilities in addition to uploading my own QSOs there regularly from home or DX locations. It is an invaluable tool for DXers and DXpeditions.”
"It’s an incredible resource that has become the standard “

Following NCDXF’s action, Michael is quoted:

"For some time now, I've been anxious to provide a more resilient way to run Club Log. With 70,000 active users, and most significant expeditions depending upon it, it's vital to keep Club Log working around the clock - but until now the expense has been prohibitive. Club Log depends on donations for its running costs, but to fund a capital project like this takes the financial backing of a foundation that takes the lead and supports expeditions and DX-related projects at a really high level. NCDXF has made an extraordinary grant to Club Log, giving me an opportunity to unlock all the work that I need to do in this area. Many thanks to the foundation and its members for this tremendous boost to Club Log. The newly-upgraded servers will launch in early 2020."

NCDXF fully supports the Club Log mission and its dedicated team of volunteers that is creating an invaluable service to the DXing community.

Ned Stearns, AA7A
NCDXF Vice President

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