NCDXF Biography

Kevin Rowett, K6TD

Kevin was first licensed in 1970. Work, kids and family life took Kevin away from radio, returning in 1988. After having worked as an EE for several Silicon Valley high tech companies, he now finds HF contesting and DXing a pleasant diversion.

He has operated mostly in W6 land, but, has been heard from KH6 and BV1. DXpeditions include Midway, Mozambique, and Chesterfield Island.  He helped with antennas for Wake. Kevin has served as the chairman of the California QSO Party and as a director of the NCCC.

He has co-chaired IDXC for 2011, 2013, 2015 and will for 2017. He's also a member of NCDXF, MLDXCC, and PAARA, and a life member of ARRL, charter member of CWOPS, and lastly SOC.

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