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Craig Thompson, K9CT

Craig was first licensed in 1967. He earned his Extra Class license in 1971. He has enjoyed Contesting and DXing for many years. Craig is on Honor Roll Mixed and SSB and is one short on CW. He is an active participant of the DXCC Challenge with over 2800 confirmed and DXCC on 160 through 10. He is actively pursuing DXCC on 6 and 2 meters. He is a member of the A1 Operator's Club and has WAS on 160 through 2 meters, 5B WAZ, and is one short on 160.

Craig built a contest station in 2011 where he operates M/2, M/S and SO2R operation for all major contests. He enjoys inviting teams to the station to operate. He invites newer hams to the station to learn about DXing and contesting. He is president of SMC (Society of Midwest Contesters).

Craig started doing DXpeditions in 2007. He has been a team member of TI9K, K4M, PJ7E, NH8S, 3D2C and K9W. His operations at K4M, NH8S, and FT5ZM earned DXpedition of the Year awards. He has joined two teams for prospective DXpeditions in the upcoming years that should be significant.

Craig's Foundation involvement includes being on the founding boards for the local school district and also for a national industry association, NSCA. He has served as the Chairman of the NSCA Educational Foundation and on the board of the Farmington Education Foundation. Both have been very successful in fund raising including estate planning.

Craig has served on many boards and committees, including elected school board member. Currently, He is the treasurer of the CW Operators Club and also the treasurer of a DXpedition group that did Swains Island and Wake Island.

Professionally, he founded Thompson Electronics Company in 1980 and still is CEO and sole stockholder. The company has about 40 employees and has many customers throughout Illinois. Craig does not work full time anymore but still leads the direction of the company. The company is being treated as an investment not requiring his complete attention.

Craig is most interested in helping NCDXF develop a legacy program for significant contributions through estate giving and tax planning.

My family is important to me and my wife, daughter and parents get my full support and attention. My other hobbies include running, golf, snowmobiling, and reading.

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