QSLs of the DXpeditions supported by NCDXF

Africa | Antarctica | Asia | Europe | North America | Oceania | South America

7O1YGF   8Q7AA   8Q7XX   9K2/KB2DQE   9N1AA   A51ØØA   A52A   A52CDX   BQ9P (1)   BQ9P (2)   BQ9P (3)   BQ9P (4)   BS7H   E44DX   E44M   E44/HA1AG   E4X   HN0Z   P51BH (1)   P51BH (2)   P5/4L4FN   VU4AN/several calls   VU4AN/VU3JLW   VU4AN/DL4KQ   VU4NRO-VU4RBI   VU7LD   VU7RG   VU7RG-VU7MY   XU1A   XV4D   XY3C   XZØA   XZ1N   YA5T   YI9MD   YI9PT   YI/N2OBM   YI9PSE   YI9ZF   YK9SV

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